What is a world time watch?

Just after the New Year’s Eve in the Dongba District, I have never thought that in other time zones, the New Year’s Eve has already happened, or has not yet begun. The time to link the world can better understand the existence of the world watch.

In the early years, functions such as “World Time” and “Time between the Two Places” were only the areas covered by a few watch brands. However, with the advancement of technology, people have become more and more demanding of watches. The world watch has been reciprocated between this shore and the other side, and its special functions have been interpreted more and more interesting. Although world time is inextricably linked with people’s lives, it is of little influence to most people even if they are not familiar with the time difference between different places.


But if you are a business person who needs to master the time in different time zones or a romantic person who likes to swim in different places, World Time watches have a reason to be your intimate personal belongings. It is also in line with the increasing popularity of cross-border travel. Under the impetus of market demand, world-time watches are being researched and developed by more and more brands in the form of exclusive patents. The following paragraphs are typical representatives.


Patek Philippe World Time Women’s Watch – the world’s first world time watch for women

As the number of high-spending female customers increases, more and more watches are designed for the female market and are no longer limited to the inherent modes of quartz and gemstones. Compared with men’s watches that are popular for viewing and playable, women are more practical and easy to operate. They can also accept tourbillons, moon phases or three questions, and even chronographs. These functions, which were originally found on male models, can be found almost on women’s watches this year.


And due to advances in technology, the petite size of the women’s watch can not only accommodate the movement of complex performance but also can achieve the light shape and weight that meet the requirements of women. Of course, if you can add some women’s favorite diamonds and precious metals, naturally More complete. As one of the earliest brands to design and produce the world time watch, Patek Philippe has many classic works in the development of multi-time zone watches. This is the world’s first female world timepiece.


Glashütte’s original World Champion watch launched in the previous year

Glashütte, Germany’s top watchmaking brand, has unveiled a mechanical masterpiece that is gorgeous, elegant and innovative. This is the member of the world-class watch with the new Calibre 89-02 movement. Following the launch of the exquisite and gorgeous Global Tourbillon in 2012, the launch of the new Universal Watch is another masterpiece of mechanical art created by the Saxon watchmaker for travelers around the world. Despite the complexity of the process, this extraordinary and amazing watch is extremely easy to use and designed for everyday life.


The dial of the new parliament’s World Time watch is clear and easy to read, with two time zones in 37 world time zones for home time and local time. For travelers on the go, the most important reference time is the local time of the destination.


In addition, the new Members’ World Time watch is based on Glashütte’s original tradition and has an unparalleled elegance. The silver cream dial features a black orbital scale ring and a black Roman numeral hour scale. The central longitudinal axis is symmetrically distributed, including a 12-point home time small dial, a central hour and minute hand, and a small second hand at 6 o’clock. plate. The 12-hour place of origin schedule is equipped with black minute hand scales and Arabic numerals, and the small second’s dial is equipped with black track scales and black Arabic numerals. On the horizontal axis of the center, there is a local time/night window at 9 o’clock. The lower part is the night sky, the upper part is the golden sun, and the Glashütte Original brand logo at 3 o’clock. Roman and Arabic numerals, orbital scales and minute hand scales are laser engraved and black plated. The center pear hour and minute hands, the hour and minute hands of the original place of time, the small second’s hand, and the day/night hands of the destination time are all made of blue steel.


IWC Pilot World Time Zone Chronograph

The Pilot World Time Zone Chronograph is the first mechanical watch that can be set to a new time zone with just a swivel operation. The wearer simply presses the bezel, rotates to the desired time zone, and releases it again, the hour hand, the 24-hour day and night time display, and the date is automatically adjusted accordingly. Each country with daylight saving time has a small “S” logo on the rotating bezel. For this mechanical device, IWC engineers integrated the three technologies:The first is the city circle of the pilot’s world time zone watch, which is marked with the name of the city representing each international time zone. This is followed by a spring-loaded rotating bezel. This concept was first applied to the Ocean 2000 watch designed by designer Porsche in the 1980s. The rotating bezel can only be moved when pressure is applied to the opposite sides of the bezel, thereby preventing misalignment of the time zone. The third is the inner and outer rotating bezel of the new marine timepiece series, which transmits the operation to the hour wheel, the 24-hour hand and the date propulsion wheel via a differential gear. If you want to know if your business partner is sleeping in the office or at home, the watch wearer simply rotates the city up briefly. The same applies to airline passengers or pilots: although the time zone is changed frequently, they can use this to show the location time and switch back to home.


The rotating bezel is engraved with the names of 24 cities, each representing an international time zone. Each country with daylight saving time has a small “S” logo on the rotating bezel. The word “UTC” under “London” shows the current Coordinated Universal Time. The rotating bezel (city circle) is currently located in London on the 25th of the wintertime (date display) “5 o’clock” (24-hour hand). To set a new time zone, use your thumb and forefinger to press the city circle and rotate the desired time zone to the “12 o’clock” scale (turn the daylight to the small “S” sign in front of the city name) and loose again open. It is important that the pressure is applied to the opposite sides so that the brake can be completely unlocked and the bezel can be operated in both directions. The movement of the rotating bezel will be transmitted to the hour wheel, the 24-hour hand and the date advance wheel, which can be switched in three hours, either forward or backward. The differential gear (in the gear system between the rotating bezel and the hour wheel) is the heart of this mechanism, enabling continuous driving of the hour hand and time-lapse adjustment of the time zone.

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