What grades are there on seven Fridays?

Wearing a watch is a popular trend, and many young people like to wear a watch. Younger people prefer fashion watches rather than their needs than traditional watches. First of all, Le Welding talked about the design concept of seven Fridays: the design is inspired by CRT TV, and the core of the machine is Meiyoutongxin, which becomes an unimaginable work through the skilled hands of the duty personnel. Since its launch, it has swept across Europe and the United States due to its outstanding design and stylish appearance.

The seven-week watch is a unique Swiss watch with the exact name of seven Fridays. The brand is not a century-old watch brand, but a very new fashion brand. Founded in 2012, the square plate is a seven-week uncertain signboard appearance, mechanical sense and color matching, suiwatch for young people to wear. Seven Fridays entered the Chinese market in 2013. This was the second year of its creation. Initially, there were no counters in the country, and there were a few counters in the first-line and super-first-tier cities. But in the past two years, seven Fridays have matured, with counters in third- and fourth-tier cities, and even in multiple cities. The main customers who are uncertain on Friday are still in their 20s and 30s, which is also the main age group. Seven Fridays mean that every day of the week is Friday, but the intentions of pointing to young people are also obvious.


A pointer to the minute and hour is the biggest highlight of the watch. The 0-4 scale must be added to the number on the center panel. For example, the position of the pointer in the photo is between 2/3/5, and the circle on the pointer is only at 0, which means the current time is about 2: 10. The 10 indeterminate clocks are a small pane showing day or night, while the 4 indeterminate clocks are a set of seconds.


In addition to the fact that the front of the dial gives a different reading time, the design on the back of the watch is quite special. Not only the size of the watch, such as the size of the diameter, the width of the lug to the width of the strap, information, but also a map of the world on Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.


Representing Swiss design, Japanese machine movement, and Hong Kong assembly. V01 also has a unique design, which is to embed the NFC chip in the watch box, that is, it can read the original factory certification information through the phone connection, as long as it logs into the original factory database to confirm the warranty service.

The built-in NFC chip also provides authenticity recognition, allowing SEVENFRIDAY to permanently face the problem of replica. This design is also arguably the leading watch factory in the world. From the official picture, “Star Festival” does give people a very strong visual impression.

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