Replica FIYTA and  Uranus watch which is better?

Fiyta and Uranus are the best-selling domestic watch brands, but many people still have some understanding of these two brands of watches, Fiyta and Uranus watch which is plagued by many fans. In response to these problems, we will make relevant introductions for everyone today to see which FIYA and Uranus watches are better.

Everyone wants to have a watch that suits them best. Fiyta and King Watch have been selling hot in recent years, and they have become the new favorite of the watch industry. So, which is better for Fiyta and Uranus? Here are five aspects for you to compare the FIYTA and Uranus watch which is better?


Founded in 1987, FIYTA is the only listed company in the watch industry. After years of hard work, it has grown into a flagship enterprise of Chinese watches. It integrates watch development, design, manufacture, and sales, and is famous for its “Fiyada”. Brand and “Hengely” commercial brand, the marketing network covers the whole country and extends to foreign countries. The FIYTA professional watch brand has repeatedly accompanied Chinese astronauts in space and has achieved the legendary story of the watch with its outstanding performance. The FIYTA watch presents the craftsmanship with exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity design, recording the perfect moment of life. Leading the trend of product style, while expressing the classic watch culture, it also conveys the perception of time and the idea of ​​life.


UranusWatch was founded in August 1988 by Mr. Dong Guanming. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore-listed company and Hong Kong watch giant Weiming Group. Today’s Uranus Watch Company headquarters is located in Baoan Longhua, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Today, with its strong design and development strength, Uranus Watch is designed and produced by consumers with its excellent design team as the core, through CAD, CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing system and the most advanced precision processing equipment in the world. A series of classic models, and won a number of national patents.


FIYTA’s mission is to focus on the watch industry, helping customers achieve a high quality of life, providing a stage for employees and generating returns for shareholders. The vision is to shape international brands and become global companies.


The brand is named “King of Heaven” and the use of the crown as a logo has a deeper meaning. It is hoped to be first-class in the watch industry, with a kingly demeanor, and inherit a spiritual enjoyment beyond the product itself, passing a blessing, a hope. A success, a noble and beautiful feeling. In the long process of brand accumulation, “Uranus” is as thick and mellow as the mellow wine, which perfectly presents the brand characteristics of “Uranus”, fashion and the style of the king. It shows that the “Uranus” watch is successful, mature and swatch. Symbolizes and is the best choice for the elite of the times.


In 2007, FIYTA independently developed the space-enhanced titanium material and applied it to watches. It still holds the patent for this watch material. Compared with ordinary steel or titanium, space-reinforced titanium has the advantages of higher hardness, lighter weight and more affinity for human skin. “DLC” is an abbreviation for the English word “Diamond-Like Carbon”. DLC is a substance composed of carbon elements, similar in nature to diamonds, and having a graphite atomic structure. Many models of FIYTA are made of stainless steel and are coated with a layer of DLC on the surface of the watch through a special process. The hardness of the DLC film is several times that of the steel. It is chemically swatch and can make the surface of the watch more wear-resistant and more intimate with the skin, and has a black and beautiful luster.


While learning advanced foreign technology, Uranus Company insists on independent research and development, independent design, and constantly uses high-tech, high value-added materials for watch production. Nowadays, many models designed by the company have been favored by consumers. Among them, the “Tungsten Steel Real Diamond Watch” and “18K Gold Diamond Drill watch” have achieved good market benefits. The classic and fashionable models have effectively compensated for the timing degradation of the watch. At the same time, it meets the needs of the time form. With the theme of health, fashion and environmental protection, the ceramic series has been developed, the gloss is cold, and the skin is not damaged. The characteristics of wear resistance and non-breaking are favored by consumers; the high-quality tungsten steel used in the aerospace shuttle is sintered under high temperature under vacuum conditions, the hardness is extremely high, the surface is as clean as a mirror, and the texture is extremely strong.

In the market, the Uranus tungsten steel series has become a classic example of the domestic watch industry.


There are many series of FIYTA, including Extreme Series, Aerospace Series, Master Series, Classic Series, Zhuoya Series, Hengyi Series, Yixuan Series, Core Series, Fengyi Series, Jinyu Series, Clifford Series, Flight Series, etc. Wait.


With the keen market reach and extraordinary creativity of the company’s many senior designers, Uranus Watch designed and produced 18K gold series, all-tungsten steel series, inter-tungsten steel series, all-steel series, multi-functional sports series, combined with modern perfect watchmaking technology. Automatic mechanical series, fashion women’s series, precision ceramic series and environmental kinetic energy series, and many other series of watches with hundreds of styles.


FIYTA (Zhuya) Zhuoya series mechanical white men’s watch GA8052.WWR

With a simple and rounded line, it shows a simple but noble taste, and you can read the life in a leisurely way. The watch is a combination of rose gold ancient Roman numerals, retro classics, and trendy color elements, engraving a time transitional painting from ancient times to the present. The threaded oscillating bottom cover never hides its original operation and sway, and in the constant rhythm of the rhythm, can write the most valuable time journey.


Uranus Steel Chain Strap Men’s Watch GS5565S-4D

Fashion, sports, sunshine, handsome, energetic, style, atmosphere, high-quality imported movement, double-single-open stainless steel buckle, easy to wear, get “core” hand, case width 43.06MM (including the) Case thickness 11.39MM, bracelet chain width 20.22MM, bracelet chain thickness 4.85MM, strap length 218MM (including dial), high-strength glass mirror, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, high-quality imported quartz movement, precise time, stainless steel case, long-lasting Durable, white four-eye dial, layered and sporty, with calendar dial, week dial, calendar dial, sun and moon stars dial, crown can be pulled out 2 paragraphs, the first paragraph can be adjusted clockwise, counterclockwise Adjust the month, the second paragraph can adjust the week and time, double-press single-open stainless steel buckle, 50 meters life waterproof.


The watch is a show of personal status, whether it is FIYTA or King Watch, it is the best for you and your favorite.

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