Locman watch introduction

Locman Lockman is the leading brand in the Italian watch industry. Originating in 1988, Lockman has traveled from the beautiful island of Elba to launch and practice its global strategy – Rockman’s pursuit of mavericks, high innovation, and keen fashion for luxury consumers. Smell and know how to appreciate the emerging, high-quality, fine craft watches of traditional big brands. The Rockman watch is a subtle blend of fresh colors, innovative materials, and new and unique shapes to create an unparalleled style. Rockman’s relentless pursuit of material innovation and pioneering design concepts are highly regarded and recognized in the industry – R&D investment is a top priority for Rockman’s development. For example, Lockman pioneered the world’s first carbon fiber and carbon metal. Watch case. The Italian Rockman style combines high-level ambitions with casual self-confidence, not only regularly in the high-end consumer magazines of European, American, Japanese and other fashion countries, but also won many film and television and sports stars. Such as David Beckham, Sharon Stone, and Elton John, etc., naturally, become the perfect propagator of the Lockman watches.

Today, the Rockman brand is known and acclaimed by consumers around the world. In the window of the world’s major cities and the most exclusive tourist centers, you can see the style of the Rockman series of watches. The group was carefully selected and now has a high-quality distribution network covering the most exquisite shopping malls in the world, including about 400 outlets in Italy and over 1200 outlets abroad. There are 10 independent brand flagship stores in important luxury venues in major countries around the world. The series introduction: Time invisible series: The best-selling series of young consumers in Europe are inspired by the beautiful natural scenery of Elba Island in summer. Special materials: titanium case base and anti-aging silicone strap 2008, Lockman launched A highly successful watch “Time invisible” series. Stylish and avant-garde, it is the best-selling series among the younger consumers in Europe. The combination of curved and straight lines brings a multi-layered aesthetic. Designed with high-tech materials and unique finishes, with a focus on health and comfort, all hypoallergenic materials are used for all skin-contact watch parts – a fully biocompatible titanium case base and anti-aging Silicone strap. At an attractive price, it is a high-quality watch that young consumers can afford.

Italian fashion jewelry brand, and later began to make their own watches, or belong to the category of fashion watches, but also the production of military watches. Domestic prices are too expensive, the price is very low, and there is still a chance to buy it abroad. The dial that surrounds the case is decorated with novel flat shape, and the curved print mineral glass highlights the novelty and creates an attractive three-dimensional view of the watch. The watch’s data and dual time zone indications appear at 3 and 9 o’clock, while the digital and hour markers are printed on mineral glass and thus hover above the dial base. The minute and second hands map a tiny view of the perimeter of the dial aperture through a double, relative surface. The wide watch around the wrist is covered with a matt-finished matte leather with ivory stitches on the top; some are made of ultra-soft, moisture-proof silicone, which not only has a velvety feel but also has super Strong wear resistance, very suiwatch for underwater sports.

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