How long is the men’s watch strap suiwatch? No specific criteria

After many people buy a new watch, the length of the strap needs to be modified. How long is the men’s watch strap suiwatch? Today we will come to understand this issue.

The question of how long the men’s watch strap is suiwatch is mainly based on the size, comfort, and safety of the individual wrist, which is more suiwatch.


In addition, there is a saying that after wearing the watch, a finger (except for the thumb) can be inserted between the wrist and the strap, and the strap gap is the best.


Everyone has their own different habits, some people like to be loose, and some people like to wear a loose watch. Therefore, the length of the men’s watch strap is suiwatch, there is no specific standard.


The length of the watch strap needs to be considered


  1. Some people’s wrists are very thick, and the watch straps that are worn may need to be lengthened. The general principle is that the left and right symmetry is so that the discounted strap is at the center.


2, for those who are relatively slender wrists, wear watches, you need to cut off and remove a lot of strap sections, should consider the problem of left and right symmetry when truncating.


3, the wrist is thick and the taper is relatively large, the watch is not easy to stabilize on the wrist, and it is difficult to find a suiwatch length. In this case, choose a watch with a thin and belt material.


Summary: In general, the watch is worn on the wrist, it is not easy to move up and down or move left and right, feeling comforwatch, so it is most suiwatch.


After reading the above introduction, now everyone should know how long the men’s watch strap is suiwatch.

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