Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier watch, using the latest fire gold craft

Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier watch opens up a new world of fine watchmaking

What kind of craftsmanship does the Cartier Cartier master craftsman use to make this masterpiece of the sleek, sleek, micro-patterned watch? This Ronde Louis Cartier watch uses the latest fire of Cartier master craftsmen. The gold process opens up a new world for fine watchmaking. The fire gold process is inspired by the blue steel pointer process that changes the color of the metal surface by heating, and the process needs to accurately grasp the fire temperature. Precise control of the fire temperature can bring different colors: the highest temperature produces blue and the lowest temperature is beige. The 18K yellow gold dial is engraved or painted with metal to depict the delicate leopard pattern. The master craftsman first heated the yellow gold dial with flame, and the first color appeared.

Repeat this process afterward and repeat it until you get rich and complete color effects. This process requires not only a pair of precise and sensitive hands but also a unique foresight. Because each color continues to change during the healing process, it may be a waste of care.


Therefore, master craftsmen need to concentrate on the process from beginning to end, and the final result is amazing. The overall tone is deep and rich, with subtle changes from beige to brown, and the color of the jaguar contrasts with the apple-shaped blue steel hands. Cartier also has trapezoidal cut diamonds on the bezel, which makes the master craftsmanship shine. From the leopard ear to the leopard nose, every detail shows a lifelike attitude.


Following the ancient Etruscan bead process, the beaded process and the filigree work, the Cartier Master craftsmanship adds a touch of gold. Cartier and the Master’s Workshop combine all the craftsmanship into one, injecting innovative inspiration and outstanding craftsmanship for fine watchmaking.

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